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As you may have known by now, Rails can act as a frontend and backend, but it is especially great as an API. An API (Application Programming Interface) is how systems communicate with other systems, they are often used as sources of data that we use in our own applications.

By using Rails, it makes it easier to create our own API’s that you can share with others. Rails API’s render JSON strings, which makes it useful when building frontends and requests.You aren’t confined to just using your own API’s though, you can access many different public API’s throughout the…

Active record is the model or layer of the system responsible for representing data and logic. It is responsible for creating and using objects whose data requires us to continually persist storage to the database. Active record itself is an ORM, that makes fetching and representing data easier. By using active record it saves us the trouble of writing our own custom ORM’s.

Active record associations allow us to associate models and their related database tables without having to write an endless amount of code. With associations we can streamline certain methods such as creating and destroying. There are six…

Props and State in React

In React components, both props and state are variables that serve a similar function, but are used in different ways.

Props, short for properties, are how parent components pass data down to their child components. You pass props down by naming a variable and adding it to a component when it is being called, just like passing arguments when calling on regular vanilla JS functions. The use of props allows you to reuse more of your code and avoid repeating yourself. Props also can’t be changed, React components that only use props will always render…

Techniques I’ve Learned Along The Way To Get By

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Managing Time

I’ve always found it hard to manage my time, even before starting this bootcamp. Before I started this bootcamp I thought that I’d never have anytime to myself, and that I was going to being at my computer working 24/7. But being in a structured environment like ours, forces me to plan out my day like I never have before. By planning out my day I’ve realized how much more work I can get done and how much more time I can save for myself, which also coincides with managing stress.

Sean Ngo

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